Anganwadi Renovation

Anganawadi renovation has been one of the primary focuses of Shri. KJ George. He has been working on to lay down the foundation for holistic development of children; reduce morbidity, mortality, malnutrition and school dropout among children.


A total of 37 Anganwadi centres are upgraded and are on the lines of and on par with private crèches. The designs are created in a way to provide child-friendly facilities and vibrant space.

Few of the renovated anganawadis are:

1. Venkateshwara Anganwadi
2. KGHalli Railway Gate Anganwadi
3. LidkarQuarters Anganwadi
4. Muktamma Nagar Anganwadi
5. KGHalli Sait line Anganawadi
6. Kacharakanahalli Anganwadi
7. Hennur Gunduthopu Anganwadi

8. Kamarajanagar Anganwadi
9. Ramaswamy palya Anganwadi
10. Siddharthanagar Anganwadi
11. Bhrundhavan Nagar Anganwadi
12. Dodda Bansawadi Anganwadi
13. Veerannapalya Anganwadi
14. Bharath Matha Slum Anganwadi
15. A.K. Colony Anganwadi
16. KGHalli Vinobha Nagar Anganwadi

17. Samadana Nagar Anganwadi
18. Sarvodaya Nagar Anganwadi
19. Janakiram Layout ‘9’ Block Anganwadi
20. Naganya Palya Anganwadi
21. Sathya Nagar Anganwadi
22. Jeevanahalli Nagar Anganwadi
23. Aravind Nagar Anganwadi

24. Anganwadi Kendra Anganwadi
25. Pilla Reddy Nagar Anganwadi
26. Basavalingappa Nagar Anganwadi
27. Hilal Nagar Anganwadi