Smart Classrooms in Govt Schools

Embracing a smarter way of learning, Shri. KJ George introduced Smart Classrooms (E-Learning) across 28 government schools in Sarvagna Nagar Constituency with over 5000 students benefiting from this program. This is first such initiative in Karnataka, started by any MLA.


The following are objectives behind this mission:

A. To digitize the Government Schools in Sarvagnanagara Constituency.

B. Provide uniformed learning solutions to underprivileged children.

C. Enable the faculty at the schools to deliver effective teaching.

D. Cope Up with the post covid trend of learning.

E.  Cumulative result of the all these aspects would be increased pass percentage in Government schools. 

This initiative is completely funded through the CSR funds of Embassy Golf Links Business Park chaired by Shri KJ George.