Covid Relief Activities

In light of the surge in Covid 19 cases, the following are the key precautionary measures initiated in Sarvagna Nagar Constituency to check further spread of COVID-19.

It's been a tough time for all of us in our fight to prevent the spread of COVID19. I thank and appreciate the dedication of our Sarvagna Nagar Congress Team who have extended their selfless service continuously to reach out to all deserving people of Sarvagna Nagar Constituency. ~ KJ George

Covid War Room

Centralised War Room to provide immediate response and quick solutions by trained health care professionals.

Triaging Centre @ Ambedkar CCC

Fever Clinics across all Wards in the constituency.

CCC at Campus Crusade 3

Dedicated Ambulance Service for each of the wards for the benefit of the needy.

CCC at Campus Crusade 1

100 Covid Care Bedded Facility in Ambedkar Medical College along with the provisions of Oxygen Cylinders & Ventilator facility.

War Room Helpline 1

Helpline Number (War Room & Office of KJ George Toll Free Number) has been set up for Covid emergencies (I.e. Covid 19 Beds, Ambulance requirements, Oxygen Cylinders, Medication etc.) This will help the needy in Sarvagna Nagar Constituency.

Non-Invasive Ventilators (NIVs)

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought out the best in many people who have shown compassion and empathy and offered a helping hand to others during this extraordinary time. Shri. KJ George too sponsored 5 Non-Invasive Ventilators for the use of needy patients at Sarvagna Nagar Covid Care Centre set up at Ambedkar Medical College. The same is being installed at Ambedkar Medical College.

NIV Sponsored by Shri. KJ George

Second Wave Photo Gallery


1_War-Room-Helpline-2 1_Vaccination-Drive-2 1_Vaccination-Drive-Inspection 1_War-Room-Helpline-1 1_Sarvagna-Nagar-CCC-@-Ambedkar 1_Triaging-Centre-@-Ambedkar-CCC 1_Vaccination-Drive-1 1_Sarvagna-Nagar-CCC-@-Ambedkar-2 1_Sarvagna-Nagar-CCC-@-Ambedkar-3 1_Ration-Distribution-1 1_Ration-Distribution-2 1_Sarvagna-CCC-at-Ambedkar-Med-Clg 1_Disinfectants-Spraying-2 1_NIV-Sponsored-by-Shri.-KJ-George 1_Public-Awareness-Announcements-by-Auto 1_Covid-War-Room-Sarvagna-Nagar-2 1_Covid-War-Room 1_Disinfectants-Spraying-1 1_CCC-at-Campus-Crusade-5 1_Covid-Testing 1_CCC-at-Campus-Crusade-1 1_CCC-at-Campus-Crusade-2 1_CCC-at-Campus-Crusade-3 1_Ambedkar-Collge-Inspection 1_CCC-@-Ambedkar-Medical-College-2 1_CCC-@-Ambedkar-Medical-College

First Wave Photo Gallery


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